Dallas Cowboys Fan Rooting Guide: How Dallas Can Earn the 2 or 3 Seeds

The Dallas Cowboys were victorious Saturday night in Philadelphia and officially have 12 regular season wins. Of course, this is all moot now, as the only wins that really matter are the ones that will hopefully come in the playoffs. Dallas is set to host a Wildcard game next week, and we’ll know exactly who makes it to AT&T Stadium throughout the NFL action on Sunday.

While the number one seed is officially out of the Cowboys’ grasp, it is still technically possible for them to climb to second place. Here’s what Cowboys fans should be looking for on Sunday to help the team climb as high as possible:

Dallas Cowboys rooting guide for week 18

Yes all three of those things are happening, then the Cowboys will be the two seeds in the NFC and actually host the just-beaten Philadelphia Eagles. If all but the last happens, Dallas will be the third seed in the conference and host the San Francisco 49ers.

Any other ranking swap in the NFC will see the Cowboys as the top four hosting the Los Angeles Rams or the Arizona Cardinals (whichever of them doesn’t win NFC West).

For what it’s worth, the 49ers have won their last five games against LA and the Seahawks could play a game with Pete Carroll as head coach and Russell Wilson as quarterback for the last time.

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