Facebook and Instagram in India get new safety tools for women

Meta-owned social platforms Facebook and Instagram have been integrated into two new safety initiatives for women in India. The company is on the right track to spend $ 5 billion this year for safety and security development functionality for its platforms globally, said the director of global security policy at Meta, Karuna Nain.

The company said it plans to create strong policies against harassment, bullying and make changes to counter the sharing of non-consensual images on the platform.

The first resource is the new women’s safety center. The Safety Hub was launched in Hindi and 11 other languages ​​to enable more female users in India to access information on tools and resources and get the most out of the social network while staying safe online. As stated by TOI, the Women’s Safety Hub will provide all the safety resources women need while navigating the platform. It will also offer video-on-demand safety training and allow visitors to register for live safety training hosted in multiple languages, such as Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil. , Telugu, Urdu, Bengali, Odia, Assamese, Kannada and Malayalam. .

The second initiative is StopNCII.org, built by Meta and operated by UK Revenge Porn Helpline, designed to put user safety, privacy and safety first. According to the report, it will aim to empower women around the world to counter and prevent the spread of non-consensual intimate images (NCII). To protect the privacy of women online in India, the platform has partnered with organizations such as Social Media Matters, Center for Social Research and Red Dot Foundation.

“At Meta, creating a safe online experience has been a priority and our commitment and efforts to keep women safe are industry-leading,” said Karuna Nair, Director of Security Policy. worldwide at Meta Platforms Inc.

The new initiatives will help women have a better social experience that will allow them to learn and engage without any challenges, the company said.

Instagram recently launched two safety campaigns to help young people stay safe online: “Safe Stree”, to raise awareness of the safety features available on the platform, and “My Kanoon”, which will inform them of legal rights. and protections available to users.

In addition, the social media giant, in its fifth monthly compliance report, said it deleted more than 18 million posts, including 2.3 million content related to obscene activity and 87,000 content in the bullying and harassment category. in India.

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