Google’s new travel tools help you save money and find the best hotels

Improved flight price tracking is particularly useful

Summer is right around the corner and COVID restrictions are significantly reduced in more places than last year. If you are planning an international trip, it is best to make these reservations as early as possible. Google says search interest in “passport appointments” has increased by 300% in 2022. The search engine also offers a host of useful tools to help you plan and organize your trip. Its travel website has just been updated with a handful of useful new features, including a flight price tracker that finds deals for all dates.

Flight price tracking has been around for a while. It’s quite simple to use; enter your destination and desired dates, and Google will email you if prices drop. Now you can toggle the new “Any Dates” slider and get notified if rates drop below their usual levels over the next 3-6 months.


While the other features advertised on Google’s blog are quite useful, this one seems the most useful for people who aren’t tied to when they can jetset.

If you’ve decided on a location, but don’t know what to do there, the Explore Nearby tool will suggest popular spots within a few hours’ drive. Of course, your mileage will vary depending on where you look; for example, a search anywhere in England will simply list all major English cities. However, it can be useful if you don’t know your destination at all.

Slightly more useful are the new map filters that appear when selecting a hotel. You can start by looking for the best options for dining, shopping, or sightseeing. From here you can see all the properties within a 15 or 30 minute walk or drive. You can also bookmark hotels or vacation rentals for easy reference.

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