How To Order Web Hosting Services With Crypto Currencies

Q- Can we buy hosting services with Bitcoin? -Yes! Bitcoin made online payments easy and secure like never before, now people can purchase hosting services like VPS hosting, dedicated server, cPanel hosting in minutes with instant deployment. Bitcoin has changed the traditional payment method because before, the end user had to go through a long process to use online services or for online payments, but nowadays many websites accept bitcoin as a payment method, which makes it possible to have services such as accommodation in countable stages. Simply for payment via bitcoin, customers should have a balance in their wallet and remember that payment refund is not possible.

Use Bitcoin as a digital currency to order hosting!

Bitcoin, the digital currency can be used to order Windows VPS, Linux VPS, VPS hosting, RDP administrator, Mikrotik VPS with immediate deployment. Different operating systems are available according to customers’ request. The purchased VPS can also be used for forex and binance. Bitcoin VPS or Dedicated Server is not limited to geographic boundaries, locations include Georgia, Germany, United States, Canada, France, Canada, Netherlands, Ukraine, and a few others.

Dedicated Server provides industry standard services, one of their offerings is Inexpensive Dedicated Servers for all customers who don’t want to set up exceptional and overwhelming executives but need the selected strengths and choices accessible on dedicated servers. The main distinction between dedicated servers and their cheap server is that it is impractical to customize all the hardware configuration and each location has its own cheap server. Another interesting fact is that cheap 1 Gbit dedicated servers are also accessible in various fields in various world class data centers. Besides bitcoin, they also accept other payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, Perfect Money, and all other cryptocurrencies.

Get your VPS server, dedicated server, VPS hosting, domain or SSL and pay all this in crypto-payment!

Buy cPanel hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated servers with bitcoin and enjoy immediate deployment. A few clicks and minutes can open up a whole new world of feasibility for you, that is, users can install WordPress and 300 other scripts with 24/7 customer support. Choose the location of your choice.

Hence, if you have bitcoins, you can easily take advantage of any kind of hosting service. Different hosting services offer unique services and make sure their users are fully satisfied. Other payment methods are also available, but bitcoin is considered the most feasible and economical. No security concerns as it is impossible to tamper with transactions from a decentralized peer-to-peer bitcoin network.

How To Order Web Hosting Services With Crypto Currencies

Why order web hosting with cryptocurrency?

In some cases, paying with cryptocurrency can be much more convenient than using traditional payment methods. Here are a few reasons why:

Transactions are quick and easy. The transaction speed of different cryptocurrencies can range from a few seconds to 10 minutes, and will therefore always be faster than a traditional bank transfer. On top of that, you don’t need any physical payment cards or billing detail chains to complete the payment.

No additional charges. Cryptocurrency transaction costs can depend on many factors. Still, ‘pre-mined’ digital assets can boast almost cost-free transactions, while payments with Bitcoin or Litecoin can cost more due to miner fees. However, the CoinGate payment option allows purchases via Bitcoin and Litecoin over the Lightning network, reducing costs to a fraction of a dime.

Pay from anywhere in the world. There is no cryptocurrency that cares about borders. Whether you pay with cryptocurrency at a local store or transfer it to another continent, the payment will be processed within the same time, for the same price.

Stay private. No one can see the identity behind a wallet address. Cryptocurrencies are well suited for those who wish to maintain a certain level of privacy. Apart from your e-mail address, we will not ask you for any additional information.

How To Order Web Hosting Services With Crypto Currencies

Hosting companies that accept cryptocurrency payments

This note contains 257 real user reviews on 67 hosts!

Cryptocurrencies have become very popular recently. There are many different cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin (BTC) is the most commonly used. Bitcoin payment is a perfect solution for users who seek privacy and anonymity on the web. This review contains hosting companies that accept cryptocurrency payments.

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WORLDBUS servers are hosted in a variety of locations; thus customers can have a wide choice according to their needs.
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WORLDBUS is a global provider of web hosting services; accept Bitcoin payments. also offering Bitcoin Dedicated Servers, Bitcoin VPS Hosting or Bitcoin cPanel Hosting for Bitcoin Cloud VPS.

All payment methods accepted at WORLDBUS

WORLDBUS accepts various payment methods by PayPal, credit / debit cards (VISA, Master, Amex,… etc), Bitcoin, mobile payment, various local means and more…

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