Tools to help landlords accept rent payments online

PHILADELPHIA CREAM – Many online landlords find accepting electronic rent payments to be the most convenient way to keep tenants happy and increase their income.. It is also a safe and convenient alternative to paper checks. Fortunately, there are several tools available to help them get started. These include DoorLoop, TenantCloud, PayClix and PayPal.


Using TenantCloud tools to accept rent payments online can benefit landlords in many ways. These services allow tenants to set up future payments, including one-time and recurring charges. Additionally, these services may offer additional features such as application filtering and maintenance request capabilities.

The free version of TenantCloud can be used for up to 75 units, and paid tiers are available for up to 150 units. The full feature set of the Pro version costs $40 per month. In contrast, Rentec Direct offers a comparable feature set to TenantCloud, but its user interface is not as easy to use.

The services also allow owners to set up recurring payments. Whether the price is for partial or full rent, the landlord can easily set up the process and avoid the hassle of chasing after tenants to collect payment. Payments made through online rent payment services may also be processed.

To profit from

Avail offers several features that landlords need to stay in control of their rent collections. Online rent payment tools can help landlords set recurring payments, disallow partial payments, and track rent history. It also allows landlords to implement strict payment policies, such as requiring tenants to have two payment methods or being responsible for paying late fees.

Landlords can use the platform to track up to 30 apartments in a single dashboard. The app also allows users to automate messages to tenants and streamline property management workflows. Additionally, it offers social sharing tools, templates, and built-in lead management.

door loop

One of the best ways to collect rent online is to use the online tools provided by DoorLoop. The company offers tools to help landlords manage residential and commercial properties. These include tools for managing leases, tenant requests, and more. The company also offers insurance coverage for renters.

The cloud-based service includes tools to help landlords accept rent online and manage multiple properties. This eliminates the need for various applications and streamlines operations. It is user friendly, with easy to understand instructions. Its only downside is limited document storage, but its robust functionality makes up for it.

The software works with credit and debit card payments. It is also compatible with online tenant portals. Users can track their rental income and add late fees to payments. The service also offers automated payment reminders. The cost of the system is relatively low, starting at $49 per month for up to 20 units.


PayClix offers a suite of tools for landlords, including flexible online rent payment options, customizable late fee assessments, and credit card support. It also provides tools for blocking partial payments and cost reports and saves time collecting and invoicing rent online. Additionally, the service supports all types of real estate transactions, from single tenants to multiple buildings and properties.

With a multitude of payment options, PayClix is ​​able to cater for all payment preferences, from eChecks to Visa. It allows tenants to make one-time payments online or schedule recurring withdrawals each month. Tenants can also use the company’s tools to pay their rent by phone or email. For a small fee, renters can create an account and split the cost between them or spend the entire fee.

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct’s online payment processing service allows landlords and property managers to accept online rent payments and rental application fees from tenants. The service also allows property managers to accept payments from owners and sellers. Rentec Direct supports multiple payment methods including credit cards and debit cards. The service also supports ACH payments.

Rentec Direct’s tools are easy to use. They have a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for landlords to manage and accept rent payments online. They also allow landlords to post job vacancies online and share rental contracts online. The software is backed by robust security features including real-time data backups and multi-factor authentication. It also offers a two-week free trial and customizations based on number of units and payment types.

Rentec Direct has integrated with zInspector, a service that allows landlords to accept online payments from tenants. Zinspector offers a free plan, while the paid plan costs $20 per month for unlimited properties. It also has an electronic payment feature that allows tenants to send payments online and set up recurring payment schedules. The fees are deposited in the tenant’s bank account. If the tenant has more than one bank account, he can link several accounts via Rentec Direct. However, there are fees associated with each linked bank account.

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